University Dames

University of Mississippi


To join a group or contact a group leader, email us at

Art Group

  • Nancy Mitchell
  • Date: TBA
  • No previous painting skills required. As an art teacher for more than 30 years, Nancy can teach ANYONE to paint!

Book Club Group

  • Betty Bridge & Carolyn Lott
  • 3rd Sunday of each month (2:30pm).
  • Read a book of your choice and tell the group about it. Swap books and discover new authors.

Coffee Group

  • Toni Paolillo
  • Date: TBA
  • Meet at a local coffee shop for your favorite morning brew and conversation.

Ladies Night Out

  • Amy Johnson & Gabby Coggin
  • Meets Once a month
  • Take a break and enjoy an evening of dining with other Dames.

Lunch Group

  • Michele Yared Fier
  • Monthly (TBA)
  • Join other Dames for the lunch hour at a local eatery.

Bunco Group

  • Beth Roman & Shannon Sharp
  • Meets once a month
  • Modern Bunco is a parlor game generally played with twelve or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice

Board/Card Game Group

  • Amy Johnson & Nancy Mitchell
  • Meets the third Thursday¬†of each month in the event room at Newks on University from 6:30pm-8:30pm.
  • Come to play and chat with new and old friends.

Recipe Group

  • Keri Dibrell and Debbie Maddigan
  • Twice a semester.
  • Get together in the evening to share dishes and recipes based on a theme to be chosen by the Group.

Sewing Group

  • Chris Frostenson
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9:30am-11:30am
  • Bring works in progress, finished items, or just your interest in sewing, and enjoy refreshments while you visit with the group. If you don’t sew, someone may teach you how, or inspire you with an idea for a new project.


  • Sue Gaston
  • Meet Monday-Friday at the “Tad Pad” and walk for about an hour, starting at 8:05am.
  • Walk with us for good health and fitness. Both fast and slow walkers – and baby strollers – are welcome.

On-Campus Lunch Group

  • Shannon Sharp
  • Monthly (TBA)
  • Join other Dames for the lunch hour on campus for the times when you can’t get off campus.