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University Dames
University of Mississippi


To join a group or contact a group leader, email us at

Those marked with an (*) are currently most active.

We are looking for a new leader for the Walking Group! 

Arts & Crafts

  • Nancy Mitchell
  • Times vary
  • Learn to paint and do fun crafts! Nancy can teach ANYONE to paint! No previous painting skills required.

Book Club*

  • Betty Bridge
  • 3rd Sunday of each month (2/2:30pm).
  • Everyone reads their own books and we gather to talk about them.

Coffee Group*

UM Dames Coffee Club 2nd and 4th Fridays every Month Starbucks in Kroger 9:30-10:30am, with picture of coffee cup

  • Toni Paolillo
  • Every other Friday, 9:00 am
  • Meet at a local coffee shop for your favorite morning brew and conversation.

Community Service Group

  • Ivonne Liebenberg
  • Meets Once a month by partnering with a local charity. Involve your kids in good deeds.
  • These activities do not require meeting in person, most is online. Dames are welcome to participate in any way/frequency their schedule and situation allows (volunteering their time/skills, cooking, monetary or item donations, etc.)

Drawing Group

  • Ashley Brewer
  • Meets two times or once a month, it varies
  • Open to anyone who likes to draw, but attendees are usually beginners or slightly experienced.

Game Night*

  • Amy Johnson
  • Meets once a month,  the third Thursday of each month in the event room (front room) at Newks on University from 5:30pm-7:30pm.
  • Come join us for some old fashioned fun of card/board games, while getting to know each other better

Garden Group*

  • Suzanne Atkins
  • Meets monthly at various locations
  • Come join us to learn and share gardening tidbits, view beautiful gardens, exchange cuttings, and socialize.

Ladies Night Out

  • Shannon Sharp
  • Meets once a month usually, and varies in location
  • Just a time to let loose and hang out with friends. The activity varies based on group interests.

Off- Campus Lunch Group

  • Keri Dibrell
  • Meets about two to three times a semester on Wednesdays
  • Meet us at a local restaurant for lunch!

On-Campus Lunch Group*

  • Shannon Sharp
  • Thursdays, 12:30
  • Eat lunch with other Dames at the University! Sometimes we pack lunches and sometimes we buy, but we always have fun.

Outdoor Group

  • Dasha McGinness
  • Meetings on weekends and as frequently as the group would desire.
  • Explore the outdoors by hiking or biking together in town while meeting other Dames. Hiking and biking in outdoor setting at various locations.

Recipe Group

  • Debbie Maddigan
  • Meets once or twice a semester in the evening.
  • Get together in the evening to share dishes and recipes based on a theme to be chosen by the Group. Bring a dish to share and a copy of the recipe. Each meeting has a theme (i.e. tailgate foods, cookie swap, light and healthy, etc…)

Sewing Group

  • Pricilla McCoy
  • 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9:30am-11:30am
  • Bring works in progress, finished items, or just your interest in sewing, and enjoy refreshments while you visit with the group. If you don’t sew, someone may teach you how, or inspire you with an idea for a new project. Come if you know how to sew, want to learn, or just to socialize.


  • Shannon Sharp
  • Once a month, typically on Wednesday.
  • Dinner and live trivia.


  • Looking for a new leader! (email if you are interested)
  • Meet Monday-Friday at the “Tad Pad” and walk for about an hour, starting at 8:05am. Tad Smith Coliseum (“Tad Pad”)—need a parking pass ($200/yr, $3/day)
  • Walk with us for good health and fitness. Both fast and slow walkers – and baby strollers – are welcome. Come walk and chat with us. We have a faster group and a slower group, all walking speeds welcome.